In the Media

Mind Fuel Daily - 5 Experts Share How to Finally Calm Your "Monkey Mind" 

I explain what to do when you find your mind wandering and becoming distracted while trying to meditate.

Genetic Literacy Project - Autism and depression: Study shows why ‘gold standard treatment’ sometimes fails

I provide input on my experience in practice with the efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy and individuals on the autistic spectrum. The article nicely juxtaposes both new research and observations by clinicians in the field on this topic.

Bustle - 9 Habits You Don't Realize Can Make You Seem Overbearing 

I discuss the difference between assertive and aggressive communication. 

Bustle - 9 Unexpected Rules To Live By After One Year If You Want It To Last

I offer tips on how to navigate romantic relationships after you've passed the one year mark.